Men’s Suit

The men’s suit has been around for a couple of centuries. It has been the traditional form of clothing especially in the western world. Obviously the centuries old Men’s suit was nothing compared to our current Lounge suits. Nevertheless, they were the initial fashion clothing that was a must have for the men.

The 17th century suits comprised of the wigs, the stockings, the knee breeches and the works. The ones you see in the movies set in the older times. They look odd to us I know but at that moment in time, those were the suits to have.

The Men’s Suits made the move toward the current trend in the start of the last century, when the designers started to modernize the suits. The First and Second world wars had a major impact on the modernization of the suits. Where they moved from just party wear to being functional and every day wear. Starting in the 1950’s the Men’s suits started to take the current shape and style. The three-piece suit i.e. the pants, waistcoat and coat/Jacquet had always been in vogue but the two piece suit i.e. without the waistcoat entered the men’s wardrobes. It was more functional and casual. The Size of the lapel was much smaller than before; the cuts were much more straighter and the objective seemed to reduce the cloth that was used in the full suit. Since then the suits style has almost remained the same with trends changing between minor changes in the waistline, the looser jackets with no waistline and then snug men’s suits with distinct waistlines.

Men Suit

Nevertheless, Men’s suit remains a must have item in any man’s wardrobe. One should aim to have at least one of blue and charcoal grey suits. These are universal colors and if you can have these custom tailored to your body size, they will last a life time.

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