This Small Style Detail Is One of the Few Things Donald Trump Has in Common With John F. Kennedy

Donald Trump gets contrasted with numerous previous presidents. In any case, John F. Kennedy generally isn’t one of them. In any case, an ongoing photograph taken of Trump during a discussion with overcomers of acts of mass violence uncovered one astounding point of interest that interfaces the two presidents: a monogram on Trump’s shirt sleeve.

Peruse on to get all the subtleties on the monograms that Donald Trump and John F. Kennedy wore. What’s more, find the other ways that the two presidents either dressed the same or made incredibly extraordinary style decisions.

Kennedy wore very slim-cut suits, while Trump wears his a lot looser

if you take a glimpse at photos of John F. Kennedy, you’ll notice that Kennedy wore his suits cut very thin. Kennedy’s coats generally had next to no cushioning in the shoulders. Additionally, he wore thin jeans without creases. Furthermore, Kennedy quite often wore a single-breasted coat with two buttons, and more often he buttoned both of them.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to like thin suits. the extents of Trump’s attire have pulled in analysis from many style specialists. His pants are excessively loose, his coats are square-shaped, his ties are excessively wide and frequently excessively long, and his lapels are too enormous, Trump could get those suits custom-fitted, yet it doesn’t appear to be a need for him.

But John F. Kennedy struggled to find suits that fit, too

Kennedy didn’t care to invest a ton of energy making sense of what he should wear. What’s more, when he assumed office, Kennedy’s suits didn’t actually compliment his thin casing. So, they structured and delivered another, a slimmer style that somebody at that point proposed to the president. Donald Trump likewise also appears to wear suits that aren’t especially complimenting. if Trump is purchasing ready-to-wear suits — which Trump says he is — at that point he may be purchasing his coats a size greater in the shoulders to get them to fit in the waist. That could clarify how the shoulders look not exactly sharp.) Similarly, he appears to complement a fuller cut of pant for comfort, despite the fact that that look doesn’t especially compliment somebody of his stature.

Both Donald Trump and John F. Kennedy have worn monogrammed shirts

Donald Trump has “45” embroidered on his shirt cuff. The monogram alludes to Trump’s place in history as the 45th leader of the United States. Monograms have their foundations in preppy style (regardless of whether some style specialists censure them as a “signifier of social nervousness”), so it’s nothing unexpected that John F. Kennedy was once shot wearing a monogrammed shirt.

In contrast to Trump’s shirt, be that as it may, Kennedy’s was monogrammed on the left bosom. The monogram likewise highlighted Kennedy’s initials, not the number alluding to his put in the request of American presidents. Numerous menswear specialists state that you shouldn’t put a monogram on your shirt sleeve in light of the fact that the arrangement is too diverting. Trump, be that as it may, doesn’t appear to mind.

Kennedy wore slim ties, while Trump wears his very wide

The young JFK wore an extensive range of ties, including wool ties and knit ties. But he switched to all silk ties during his presidency. One of his favorite neckwear colors was blue, which he wore in all shades. One factor that didn’t vary much? The width of his ties. Following the slim look that was in style in the 1960s, Kennedy wore ties that were mostly around 2.75 inches wide.

On the other hand, style experts have criticized Donald Trump’s penchant for wide and long ties as one of his worst fashion faux pas. (The often joked-about habit has even spawned a Twitter account or two.) Despite Trump’s height and his choice of the wide Windsor knot, his ties hang much longer than would be ideal. Plus, Trump even uses scotch tape to secure the tail of the tie to the blade, to the chagrin of style aficionados everywhere.

John F. Kennedy dressed casually during his downtime, but Donald Trump doesn’t

When he wasn’t working, Kennedy dressed like someone who was going to enjoy his weekend or his vacation. From touch football games in faded chinos to seaside lunches in a cotton oxford shirt, Kennedy’s attire represented both an aspiring and athletic routine.


Donald Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same penchant for dressing casually when he gets away from the Oval Office. He famously favors a suit and tie, even leaving his jacket on in many instances. The Washington Post reports that Trump doesn’t often do business casual — and definitely doesn’t wear jeans. He wears pleated khakis that look very much unlike Kennedy’s slim chinos. However, both presidents have worn polo shirts — Trump’s uniform of choice when he plays golf.

Donald Trump has a ‘lackluster’ watch collection, unlike John F. Kennedy’s

Many men invest in luxurious timepieces, including many presidents. John F. Kennedy had several iconic watches. Kennedy wore an Omega Ultra-Thin when he took the oath of office. Jacqueline Kennedy gave the president a Cartier tank watch, which he was wearing when he was assassinated. He was also gifted a gold Rolex by the actress Marilyn Monroe.

Conversely, Timepiece Chronicle characterizes Donald Trump’s watch collection as “lackluster.” Despite the fact that Trump owns a private jet and numerous properties, he doesn’t seem to look at watches as a status symbol. He owns a thin yellow-gold watch, a larger gold watch that might be a Rolex, a Senna chronograph by Universal Geneve, an Azad Power Tourbillon, and a watch from the Trump Signature Collection Macy’s briefly sold.

John F. Kennedy didn’t wear hats, but Donald Trump famously does

Many people think of John F. Kennedy as “the man who killed the hat.” As the story goes,  Kennedy ended the tradition of American men wearing hats when he opted not to wear a hat during his inauguration speech. (As Snopes notes, Kennedy actually did wear a hat during other parts of the inauguration celebration.) Yet as NPR reports, “Fashionistas say Kennedy, one of our most charismatic presidents, made hats un-happen.”

Donald Trump quite famously wears trucker hats frequently, usually caps emblazoned with his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” CNN reports that the hats “became an icon,” especially because Trump wore them frequently throughout his campaign. CNN notes that Trump began using the phrase as early as 2011, and the phrase had also been used by Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and even Bill Clinton. But as CNN explains, we’ll likely always associate it with Trump.

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